24th - 27th May 2024,
SEC Glasgow

Rebecca Jo-Rushdy

Rebecca Jo-Rushdy

Rebecca Jo-Rushdy is an empath and entrepreneur who fell in love with the Japanese art of decluttering a decade ago and has been sharing this powerful approach with others ever since. 

As a platinum certified KonMari®️ Consultant, Rebecca guides people to declutter, organise and transform their spaces into supportive sanctuaries so that they can live with greater flow and ease. 

In addition to working with private clients, Rebecca facilitates workshops and courses for companies, government agencies and NGOs on the power of decluttering our personal and professional lives so that we can be more focused, effective and happy at work and in life. 

Rebecca has lived and worked all over the world. She is the first platinum KonMari® Consultant in Edinburgh where she currently lives with her husband and two daughters. She works with clients in-person and virtually to create space for what matters most in life. 

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