When you’ve just bought your new home, you’ll undoubtedly be extremely excited to get in, decorate and make it your own. As exciting as this time may be, it’s really important that you stop, answer some logical questions and know exactly what you want and need before you start making decisions, otherwise you may just regret some of them further down the line. We’ve teamed up with London Estate Agent Portico to bring you the top 10 things to think about. Explore them below:

1) What’s your budget?
Before you start buying anything, sit down and think about your budget. Make a list of everything you need to buy and prioritise what’s most important. You will need white goods, a bed and a sofa from the start, and these goods can be costly. Then you can work your way through your list from essentials to nice-to-have furnishings without breaking the bank.

2) What colour?
The colour you paint your walls isn’t just dependant on the prettiest colour on the Dulux charts. It’s essential you consider several points – for example, how light the room is, the size of the room, how tall the ceiling is and what type of flooring you have. If the room is very light, larger or has high ceilings, you can get away with darker wall colours and features. But if it doesn’t have much light or is relatively small, you’ll want to stick to lighter shades in order to give the room an illusion of more space and light. In this instance, you could either opt for a feature wall instead of painting the whole room or use a lighter shade of the colour you preferred.

3) Don’t clutter up the room before you’ve lived in it
See your room as a blank canvas. Move in, buy the essentials and live in it for a while before you decide which pieces of furniture or décor you’d like to add to it. If you start to buy before you’ve moved in, your purchases might not fit the space, or look right together and you’ll end up wasting money.

4) Space saving for small spaces
If you’re working with smaller rooms, think about how you can save space. Purchase furniture which can hold your odd bits, such as an ottoman, or invest in a folding or retractable dining room table. Be clever with your buys to make sure your rooms aren’t clutters but you can have everything you need.

5) Get out your tape measure
Make sure you’ve measured every nook and cranny so that when you’re out and about buying bits for the home, you can rest assured that it’s going to fit once you get home. There are also online tools in which you can put the dimensions of your furniture and check how they will fit in the room.

6) One room at a time
Don’t try to do everything at once – aim to complete one room at a time. Pick your colour, use your list of what’s needed and split your decorating into chunks of time, so you can complete one area and enjoy it, before you move onto another.

7) What about the floor?
If you’re thinking of changing the floor from carpet to laminate or vise versa, it may be easier to do this before you move in if you have the opportunity. Or if you’re looking to purchase a rug, think about whether its size works for the space – don’t swamp a small room with a huge rug and steer clear of very dark colours, as this will make the room seem darker, like with the paint, as mentioned above.

8) Is it you?
Last but not least, is this space you? When planning, people can get carried away with maintaining a theme or filling space and you lose the personality you originally wanted to put into that space. So before you go on a spending spree, look at the items and decide whether they are going to make you feel at home, comfortable and happy in that space.

If you follow these 8 points, you’re good to go! It’s time to enjoy your new home – enjoy!

Guest post for Ideal Home Show by Portico, a London Estate Agency. We have 18 office around London offering sales, lettings, Portico Host, our Airbnb Management Service and our Handyman and Housekeeper services around London.