The inspiration behind 'The Lounge' roomset designed by BoConcept

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The BoConcept Room set will encompass not only the customisable urban Danish design concept that has been part of BoConcept culture since it emerged in 1952, but also the latest trends and technologies that are hot for 2018/2019. Every year there is a plethora of different trends that hit the market. Navigating though the different options and implementing them to your own space can become confusing and overwhelming. We have narrowed this down to highlight a selected few and how they can be used together. Smart homes are playing a large role these days, with google home assistant controlling the lighting, blinds, music and tv.

BoConcept roomset story

Moving on from the rose gold and copper tones from previous years, we now see more industrial shades of metal; from brushed steel though to brass. Less high shine metallics will add accent tones and complement against earthy neutrals and ceramics.

 BoConcept I 1

Earthy neutrals such as sage, jade and warm greys are in, with bright whites and cold stone colours out. These tones work to add a warmth to any space, and work best as a back drop to the accent metallics, or other textures. Why not try painting an accent wall or even selecting soft furnishings to dress the sofa in these tones.

BoConcept I 2

Potted Plants as a trend have been around for a few years now and isn’t going anywhere fast. This year think about using patterned plants; a combination of tall and short, hang them from the ceiling, plant them in floor planters.

BoConcept I 3
Even though the earthy neutrals are on trend, there is also an emergence of brights too. Colours such as olive, bordeaux, peacock blue, tomato reds, forest and cactus greens are at the forefront. All of theses trends can be combined to create plenty of texture. This year we see textures also in leathers and velvets enriching our interiors; a statement armchair in leather or even the main sofa in a deep blue velvet like we have done so in our sets.

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