We spoke to top interior design expert John Amabile about prepping your home for the Spring/Summer season, and adding some refreshing touches which also increase your kerb appeal. Here are some tips to refresh your home for the warmer months:

1. A new modern front door can set the theme for what's ahead!
2. If your exterior is looking a little tired, a lick of paint always makes a building look fresh. A good gutter clean can never go a miss either - make your home look effortlessly manageable!
3. Use your external space to add an 'outside room' - a simple patio set can set the scene for outdoor living.
4. Kitchens can be instantly updated with new doors and splashbacks if a complete renovation is out of your budget.
5. De-clutter entrance areas - add a small entrance table for keys and mirror. Hide coats, school bags and shoes in cupboards.
6. If any areas of flooring are looking tired, you can always cover them with a rug.
7. Breathe life into old furniture by adding throws and cushions to give them a modern wow!
8. Give your bedroom some boutique chic - put on some fresh new white bedding, and layer with more throws and cushions.
9. Bring the outside in - fresh flowers and plants give a fresh appearance. You can enhance this with some beautiful natural smelling candles.
10. If it needs fixing - now's the time to fix it! 


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