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5 tips to tidy up your energy use

5 tips to tidy up your energy use

Follow the campaign for a smart Britain's energy saving tips to help reduce your gas and electricity bill as well as your carbon footprint.

1. Say goodbye to standby

You'll probably have already heard that you shouldn't leave your TV on standby, or your mobile phone charger plugged in and switched on at the wall when you're not using it.

But did you know that switching your appliances off standby mode can save you around £30 a year, according to The Energy Saving Trust? We reckon you could spend that money on something a little more worthwhile...

2. Light bulb moment

If you’ve got any incandescent or halogen bulbs still hanging around, replace them with LEDs. They use up to 90% less energy and last up to 15 times longer.

Not sure where to start with LED bulbs? Let us explain:

Choosing the right energy saving lightbulb

3. Clean your appliances

If dust and dirt build up in your appliances, they may have to work harder and use more power to do the same job, which can be costly.

You can do some quite simple things to avoid this, such as:

  • Clear the filters in your washing machine and tumble dryer so they run at peak efficiency.
  • Dust your radiator columns so heat can flow more freely.
  • Wipe down the coils on the back of your fridge every six months so the fridge motor doesn't have to work harder to keep your food cool.

4. Consider adjusting your thermostat

Turning the heating thermostat down by one degree can save you up to around £80 a year, according to The Energy Saving Trust.

Moving furniture just a few centimetres away from radiators can help boost the temperature of the room. Do this, and you could turn your thermostat down and save money without feeling the temperature difference.

Also, remember to turn radiators off in rooms you're not using and bleed them annually so they're running efficiently and you're not wasting energy.

5. Get a smart meter

Smart meters can help you understand and manage your bills more easily, doing away with estimates and allowing you to see when it may be advantageous to switch to a cheaper tariff.

The in-home display shows what you're using in pounds and pence, helping you keep an eye on what you're spending and work out ways to reduce it. Plus you can set daily, even hourly, budgets to help ensure you don't spend more than you'd like to on energy. And the in-home display could help you spot if you've unintentionally left an appliance on.

As well as the personal benefits of smart meters, they are also helping to reduce our environmental impact as a nation.

Smart meters are the first step in the creation of a new smart energy system that will result in less energy waste and ease the transition to renewable energy sources, and they also have the potential to unlock the development of exciting new tech that will makes our homes greener in the future.

  • Did you know that we could achieve 11% of the UK’s 2050 carbon emissions target just by taking household energy efficiency measures? Find out more: #MissingPiece


Make small changes and you could see a big difference to your energy bill. Save money and do your bit to help the environment by making your home greener and more sustainable.

Original article by the campaign for a smarter Britain. 


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