Transform a bathroom into a soothing sanctuary with curving baths and basins, sleek lines and natural materials. Sit back, relax. We’ve got it covered

Make a space dedicated to peaceful bathing and restorative showering. Here’s our guide to clearing the clutter and turning a bathroom into a pamper zone.

Plan a clutter-free layout

caesarstone sleek layout bathroom spa modern ideas

Image: Caesarstone

Let simplicity and clarity be your watchwords. Design storage that banishes clutter and a layout that emphasises space and openness.

Place fittings so that the room is easy to use and move around and pick soothing colours and tactile materials that enhance that experience, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Maximise space

Kaldewei bathroom space ideas spa inspired ideas

Image: Kaldewei

Increase the amount of visible floor space with wall-hung furniture that makes the bathroom feel larger. It is a flexible option that makes cleaning easier and doesn’t restrict you to the set height of floor-standing options - useful if you are fitting a basin or WC unit under a window sill.

Look for bi-fold shower doors that open back on themselves rather than out into the room. Designs like this are also sleek and easy on the eye.

Sort the storage

aquanatural bathroom furniture frontline bathroom spa idea

Image: Frontline

Consider bathroom storage made from solid surface materials. Composite creates clean, tactile edges that are thoroughly modern.

Look for ranges that feature timber doors and drawer fronts that will bring in the natural element.

Insist on curved baths and basins

natural spa bathroom ideas clutter free inspiration home improvement

Image: Corian Design

Look for a statement freestanding bath that has a pleasing organic shape rather than the classic silhouette of a footed roll-top. 

Avoid straight-edged basins and look for designs with a silky touch, such as those made of Corian, a manmade composite material made of minerals and acrylic.

Work in wood wherever you can

Corian bathroom wood clad spa natural interior design inspiration

Image: Corian Design

Wood is essential in a spa-style bathroom and can be used in all sorts of places beside storage. Fit shutters in basswood, poplar or elm wood and bring in potted palms for a hint of colonial style.

Oak-effect parquet tiles are wonderful underfoot and tiered pine caddies make excellent mobile storage.

Look out for a second-hand wooden side table. They make excellent partner pieces to freestanding baths. Use them for storing toiletries so you can enjoy bathing without a bath rack getting in the way.

Emphasise the luxury with the latest tech

aqualisa digital shower ideas bathroom ideas

Image: Aqualisa

Make your bathroom as easy to use as is beautiful to look at with the latest hi-tech features. Look for sensor-operated taps, digital showers and bath fillers and even Bluetooth mirrors and speakers.

Choose a shower with personalised settings and everyone in your family can programme their own one-touch setting for temperature and water flow.


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