Whether you have a cloakroom with an awkward layout or a small-yet-busy family bathroom, you can free up more space with these clever storage solutions and make the room look bigger as a result.

Title Image: House by John Lewis

Bathrooms are often the smallest but most hardworking rooms in the home, so putting every inch of space to good use is essential. Where the usual fixtures and fittings simply will not fit the bill, choose multifunctional designs perfect for compact layouts.

From basin units with drawers or cupboards underneath, baths with built-in storage and revolving cabinets that combine a mirror and handy shelving, to short projection toilets, narrow basins and reduced-length baths, we round up a few great ideas to save space in your bathroom without compromising on usability.


Bi-fold door showers or shower bath combis

a frameless bifold side panel shower by merlyn in a modern bathroom

Image: Merlyn

When it comes to the shower, opt for an enclosure with doors that fold inwards, or a space-efficient quadrant design with sliding doors. If there’s no room for a separate cubicle, an L- or P-shaped shower bath will still offer a generous wash zone.


Hang up a hook rail on the door or extra shelving on walls 

a shelving ladder unit in a bathroom by dunelm

Image: Dunelm

Use the entrance to your bathroom as extra storage space with an over-the-door hook set or make use of blank space on the walls with a series of mounted shelving. These options are also a good way of using a few decorative bathroom accessories to your advantage.


Make use of all dead space including corners

a corner shelving unit for a bathroom by My Furniture

Image: My Furniture

Turn an empty corner into a practical storage area with a specially designed unit, such as a corner cabinet. To make full use of the unit you could turn this into a statement piece by carefully selecting accessories. An instant brightener would be a warm lamp. This would draw the light and set a nice ambience.

Make use of corners of the room with a specially designed corner WC, basin unit or cabinet and choose wall-mounted shelves, hanging storage and inexpensive hooks to free up valuable floor space.


Compact in-built bathroom units 

a compact basin toilet wc by Britton in a blue bathroom

Image: Britton Bathrooms 

Maximise space with combined designs which are perfect if you have a small bathroom and don't have much room to play with. Compacting the WC and basin is a great way to make full use of the space you have.


Install a wall-mounted sink unit

a wall mounted sink unit in a modern bathroom by Roca

Image: Roca

Increase the feeling of space by choosing a wall-mounted unit that combines a basin and drawers in one sleek design, creating a more stylish, simplistic feel.


Free up space with wall-mounted accessories

Brabantia wallmounted bathroom accessories in a modern bathroom

Image: Brabantia wall-mounted accessories

Use wall-mounted accessories to free space and make cleaning your floor a breeze. Wall-mounted accessories create angles and make your eye drawn to certain aspects of your bathroom. Accessories can also add a pop of colour to your bathroom.


Choose hidden storage with multiple uses 

multi use mirror bathroom storage by The Bathroom Shop

Image: The Bathroom Shop

This is a great tip for keeping the bathroom simple whilst having a large hidden storage space. Maximising full use of storage and space in one by, for example, combining a stylish full-length mirror on one side and open shelving on the other. 


Attach a towel radiator with plenty of rails

duonique towel warmer rails by aestus in a small white bathroom

Image: Aestus Duonique towel warmer

Opt for a towel warmer in steel featuring a double-panel radiator topped with a clever folding shelf for storing clean towels. Placing this in your bathroom would create more storage whilst remaining a modern statement.


From the original article on Ideal Home Show by the Good Homes Magazine editors. 

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