26th - 29th May 2023,
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Far Infrared Heating Panels

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  • Far Infrared Heating Panels
  • Far Infrared Heating Panels
  • Far Infrared Heating Panels
Far Infrared Heating Panels Far Infrared Heating Panels Far Infrared Heating Panels

Our infrared heating panels are one of the most eco-friendly and cost effective ways of heating your home or business. They are safe and efficient, dust free and quiet, and are suitable for use in any room, even in bathrooms. Their energy efficiency can also provide a saving of up to 60% on your heating bills. The frame is heat resistant so it is perfectly safe to handle and move while switched on.

Personalised Heaters
You can really personalise your living space by customising your Infrared Heating Panel as well by adding an image of your choosing or we can source one for you too. It will still have a smooth surface while giving you vibrant and vividly bright colours to blend in with your surroundings.

Smart Heating with Wifi
Our heaters now include WIFI! You are now able to have instant access to your heaters from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. Just download the App TUYA and connect your heater. You will be able to create your own weekly logs by selecting which days and what time you would like the heater to run for, and select a target temperature for your room. You can control multiple heaters in different rooms. This is perfect for busy individuals, who want to come home to a warm snug place after a long day at work. With this smart heating feature you'll have full control of the heating 24/7, and don’t have to heat rooms that are not being occupied. This heater will also be provided with a wireless remote control. 


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