The mother of all coffee tables with a hands-on audio-visual experience. Real wood frame, available in solid walnut, solid oak and birch ply as standard, with gloss black side panels. Skillfully produced by our awesome cabinetmaker.

Relive your youth playing all those retro classics, install your own, or hit up Steam to play some great retro-reboots or indie titles.

Let the table discreetly be the centre of attention, playing music from your networked library or online services like Spotify and Napster. Or plug in the HDMI cable and get connected to video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies or YouTube.

The Nucleus control panel pulls out to reveal everything required to re-live your mis-spent youth when it comes to arcade games. Genuine arcade joysticks with access to switch between 4 and 8 way, meaning you can play Pacman and 1942 without compromise. Proper arcade buttons, designed to take a proper bashing from Track & Field. Illuminated trackball – how else do you play Missile Command and Crystal Castles? Plus a spinner for those Tempest and Breakout fans.

What’s more, the control panel doubles up as the mouse control for the Windows environment. But there’s also a wireless keyboard that can stash away in the storage compartment. Everything you need for Internet browsing.

The discreet sound system will not only let you hear every punch, munch and zap. When it comes to music, it’s perfectly positioned to fill your room with sound. The ultimate piece of furniture when you’ve got a few friends over.